All Kültur Kanna cannabis concentrate products are manufactured by lab trained chemists. Using Kültur Kanna’s proprietary distillation processes to concentrate only top shelf cannabis. Luxury cannabis products can only be made from the finest cannabis. Utilizing premium cannabis biomass is the only way to ensure our chemists can spin green to gold.

kultur kanna cannabis concentrate dablicators


Kültur Kanna “Dablicators” are our best selling single 1000mg concentrate. Offering precise dosages, convenient packaging & consistent potency. These small but formidable cannabis concentrates allow for easier dabbing than ever before. Available in over thirty flavors.

No more trying to get just the right amount on the nail. Unscrew the dablicator pressure seal screw top & slowly depress the Dablicator’s plunger. Precisely dab just the right amount for you, or go big. Everything in moderation… including moderation.


Kültur Kanna cannabis shatter is a beautiful mix of clarity, potency & luxury. This glass carries a gold clarity, with amber perfection. You could be forgiven for thinking you could vape artisan stained glass straight from the Vatican, but Kültur Kanna is all science.

All Kültur Kanna cannabis shatter is made from only top shelf nugs & premium trim. Cultivators & chemists coordinate every step of the way to ensure you dab in luxury. Kültur Kanna shatter is packaged in 1000mg envelopes. Sealed inside a clear, poly plastic partition.

kultur kanna cannabis concentrate shatter
kultur kanna cannabis concentrate crumble


Kültur Kanna cannabis crumble is hailed for it’s consistency, convenience & potency. Easy to handle, dose & share. Lab trained chemists take their time & patience to ensure the most consistent crumble available. Dense, doughy & highly concentrated, just for you.

Through science, passion & patience our chemists put a party in your pocket. Turning a few ounces of flower into a single gram jar of pure cannabis crumble. Using our proprietary distillation processes before starting the “crumble” to ensure the exact ratio of ingredients.


Hydrocarbon solvents help extract terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis plant matter. Our particularly meticulous process is able to extract the terpenes and THC/THCa only. It usually takes around six weeks to grow the proper crystals. Every batch is tested for potency and flavor with the strictest standards.

Sauce is thicker, more viscous in texture and looks stickier. The color of sauce can range from deep amber to bright mustard. Sauce is similar to sugar in both its consistency and color, but has a more uniform and prominent crystalline structure.

kultur kanna cannabis concentrate terp sauce
kultur kanna cannabis concentrate badder


Hydrocarbons help create an extract with a whipped cake badder consistency, often appearing almost ‘wet’, this appearance is due to the presence of viscous terpenes glistening on top of the more THC rich core. Often described as one of our smoothest extracts.

Badder is oilier and softer in texture. (Think of a stick of butter or cake batter.) They’re malleable, easy to handle and have a sun yellow to bright orange coloring. The butter-like consistency allows the extract to be easily used as a spread on blunts or joints, or to be dabbed using a dab rig.


Sugar is a term used for any concentrate that has a similar consistency to wet, sappy sugar. They’re not uniform in nature and typically have colors ranging from a bright yellow to a deep amber.

A solvent based extract that contains micro crystals of THC, similar in size to grains of sugar or salt, floating in terpenes and flavonoids. We love this form of hydrocarbon extract for the perfect ratio of terpenes to THC you effortlessly scoop with each dab.

kultur kanna cannabis concentrate sugar
kultur kanna cannabis concentrate rosin

THC Rosin

A solvent-less refinement process that presses the cannabis (hash or flower) between two heated metal plates. Done just right, the results are a gorgeous golden-white or yellow oil or budder.

Rosin is created using a targeted combination of heat and pressure to squeeze the desired compounds out of the plant. The key concept of physical separation is that a direct physical action results in the expression of trichomes.

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Kültur Kanna luxury products start their journey to you as a beautiful cannabis plant.

Cannabis Cultivation

Kültur Kanna cultivators & chemists work closely together to ensure top shelf products.

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