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Cannabis Cartridges

Kültur Kanna cannabis Cartridges

Kültur Kanna cannabis cartridges offer the most convenient of toke, without sacrificing potency. Chemists follow the Kültur Kanna distillation process in our cannabis labs. Concentrating the most active ingredients & exogenous terpenes into 1000mg of convenient happiness.

The liberty of vaporizing cannabis anywhere in the world. Perfect for a party of one, or pass it around & breath new life into any party. Available in a variety of delicious flavors & strains curated in our culinary lab. Find a favorite flavor to enjoy on a daily basis, or buy a sampler.

Cannabis Chemistry

Delicious Potency

Nothing will ever compare or compete to the pure, natural cannabis flower. The wondrous simplicity of a plant grown just for you, ready to smoke. Kültur Kanna cartridges are the peak of cannabis engineering. The convenience of safely vaporizing cannabis concentrates at your behest.

Curated & self contained full gram of naturally flavored cannabis distillate. Classic nostalgic flavors like bubblegum & strawberry banana. Fans of pure cannabis, Kültur Kanna offers pure cannabis terpenes. Isolated exogenous terpenes like GDP, Blue Dream & Forbidden Fruit.

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Connoisseur Lifestyle

Traveling for work means reliable cannabis used to be hard to find. On the road, in the air or glad handing a client on the corporate yacht. The days of meekly having to turn down a high priority client’s requests are over. Kültur Kanna cartridges allow me to partake, without being rude to present company. Getting to honestly know a client, as a person helps close the deal. Kültur Kanna isn’t just my daily wind down, but part of my customer satisfaction budget.

– E. Stevens San Francisco

Growing up in a small, rich town meant access to cannabis wasn’t the issue, it was the quality & reliability. Spoiled college kids would buy just about anything off your spice rack for fifty dollars an eighth. When my friends introduced me to Kültur Kanna, I knew I never wanted to smoke anything else. The convenience, reliability & quality are completely unrivaled in my part of the country. I still buy shake now and then so I don’t seem stingy, but Kültur Kanna is my little treat to myself.

– D. Burd Cheltenham

I always like to keep a competitive edge. Not at work, but on the River Boat Casinos. I figured out a long time ago that anyone can play the odds. It’s about playing the guy across from you, and not playing yourself. I keep my wits & judgment using Kültur Kanna cannabis cartridges. I play slow, lying in wait for the perfect moment to strike at my prey. Knowing the weekend warrior across from me is overly confident, counting his coins, instead of his cards.

– A. Yates Kansas City