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Travel Back to a Simpler Time

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At Kültur Kanna, we understand that not every cannoisseur wants to reach the highest peaks possible. Consumers have a multitude of options available to put them on the moon, but very few “classic” joint options. That’s why we’re bringing back the good old fashioned American joint! Perfect for barbecues, parties, birthdays, anywhere you want to just smoke a joint and enjoy some company. Spark up a Klassic & some conversation.

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Hand Crafted With Care From Clone to Cone

  • Full gram of 100% Top Shelf Cannabis.
  • Top Shelf, Certified Organic & Pesticide Free.
  • Classic strains like Jack Herer, O.G. Kush & GDP.
  • Cultivated & curated specifically for Klassic Pre-Rolls.
  • Smoke your very own piece of the American dream.
  • An oasis of relaxation & luxury at your fingertips.

One of Life’s Finest Rewards

The pause that refreshes…mind, body & soul

Klassic is for those who measure success not just in material wealth, but in richness of experience. Klassic represents one of life’s finest rewards. A much needed pause that refreshes the mind, body & soul. Accessibility & elegance wrapped into one joint, rolled just for you. A smoker focused experience meant for appreciation, reflection & conversation.

Pure, Relaxation & Hospitality

Never before seen accessibility & ingenuity has brought a new era of cannabis smokers. For the smokers who truly appreciate a classic joint. For the smokers who are trying for the first time, or the first time in decades. Klassic is inspired by you, made in your image, not for it. Enjoy the pure hospitality to yourself, or breath new life into the party, with a Klassic.

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Share the Happiness

My career is stressful, but rewarding. My competition spends all day doing what they have to, in order to not be on the competitive edge. I keep my focus & drive on the exchange floor by looking ahead to that pack of Klassics I keep on my nightstand. Nothing gets me to that perfect relaxation like one of those pre-rolls. The convenience of being just one match flick away from sparking that Klassic & exhaling the whole day in that first puff.

– S. Carter Brooklyn

Klassics are the highlight of my day. I used to be a professional truck driver & couldn’t smoke during my career. When I retired, I could still feel every shift of every gear in 45 years. Every evening the Mrs. and I share a Klassic before bed. It’s done wonders for our love life in our golden years & gets me up early in the morning feeling refreshed. I’ve never felt better in 66 years. When people ask how I can keep up with three toddler aged grandkids, all credit goes to the Klassic.

– T. Epps Atlanta

Klassics are my little treat at the end of a long day. Between working full time at a local clinic, & attending med school I don’t get a lot of time to relax. When I come home exhausted after a long day, I always take a few puffs off of a Klassic before I crash. A six pack of Klassics will last me all month! I don’t smoke at parties, I’ve never done a “dab”. Five minutes alone with a Klassic is all I need.

– A. Graham Toronto

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Kültur Kanna luxury products start their journey to you as a beautiful cannabis plant.

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Kültur Kanna cultivators & chemists work closely together to ensure top shelf products.

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