kultur kanna kryptonite pre-roll joints

I Am More Than
What You See

I am not your father’s joint. I am the pre-roll your great great grandchildren will smoke.
I am mastery of craft wrapped in elegance. A double barrel dose of dankness.
Ingenuity, artistry, chemistry, beauty. I am Kryptonite.

kultur kanna kryptonite pre-roll joints

Reach New Highs

From elegant luxury craftsmanship
comes incomparable confidence in cannabis

Reaching for a Kryptonite is to grasp for the future of cannabis.
Inspired by nature’s greatest gift & humanity’s achievements.
Combining love of cannabis with passion for science.

I Am the
of Craft
Wrapped in

kultur kanna kryptonite pre-roll joints

I Am the
Apex of
the Vortex
of Joint

I was designed & handcrafted just for you & yours.
Smoke me now & smoke me later. I can keep up with any rotation.
When I turn up at parties, no claims to have “matched” joints.

Don’t Take My Word For It

Those double barrel Kryptonite are perfect for my lifestyle. I’ve got one convenient pre-roll to smoke before I take the stage, and one to wind down after a set. When the show, the crowd & everything is going great, I give credit to the Kryptonite. When the show doesn’t go the way I wanted, Kryptonite is there for me as well. It’s there for the good times & when I need to reflect & grow professionally or personally. Small enough to savor by myself, potent enough to spark up with the boys.

– C. Bennett Chicago

A single Kryptonite pre-roll is the perfect end to my day. Over 50 years as a professional nanny, I’m not getting any younger. Holding babies, chasing toddlers & keeping up with kindergarteners isn’t getting any easier. I love the kids I’ve helped grow into fine young adults, but Kryptonite pre-rolls are what really keeps me going. One Kryptonite before bed relaxes me & gets me ready for a sunny morning of changing diapers & sweeping up Cheerios.

– B. Almanzar New York City

Kryptonite pre-rolls can make any gathering better. Having the convenience of pre-rolled joints, dipped in wax & coated in kief is astounding. Barbecues, birthdays, or just a Saturday night on the beach. No more rolling joints, twisting up blunts or packing bowls. Just a box of Kryptonites & a night of endless possibilities. Every minute I spend not rolling a joint, is another minute of good conversation & great company. Spark up a Kryptonite & it disappears into the crowd, just the way it should.

– J. Jeffries Sydney

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